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This disturbingly huge rattlesnake looks like something that should be chasing Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez through the Amazon, not something a sleeveless dude in Arkansas should be stepping on in 'Merica. ​

But on today's episode of #NightmareShit, that's exactly what happened. This beastly western diamondback reportedly tried to bite a man's dog, so the guy killed it, possibly while wearing flip flops (damn, Arkansas). 

Via local news station KFSM:

The snake was estimated to be between eight and 10 feet long, although on average, the type of rattlesnake grows to be between four and five in length. ... It is illegal to kill a snake in Arkansas unless there is an immediate threat of danger.

There is some dispute over whether or not this is actually the largest western diamondback ever found, but the largest ever recorded, according to the University of Texas at Arlington, was 92.5 inches. That's 7.7 feet.