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Which hurts worse, getting bit by a venomous snake, getting a bill for 150 Gs, or knowing you could have avoided the whole thing by not acting like an idiot?

A man in San Diego will probably be pondering that for a long time as he's recovering from a rattlesnake bite he sustained while trying to take a selfie with the snake, which he kept as a pet for more than a year, local ABC affiliate KGTV reports

Reporter Dan Haggerty shared this footage of the man recovering at the hospital with an arm that looks like a rotten banana (which obviously didn't damage his love for Pepsi).

About a week later, Haggerty shared this update, reportedly a photo of the man's hospital bill for more than $153,000.

The guy has since shot another video of himself releasing the snake back into the wild, because, he said, that's what animal control would want.