Though we’ve seen plenty of growers make their best attempts at joining the highly coveted 20 Percent Club, the Canadian green at the heart of the season finale of Motor City High is perhaps the most perplexing of all. Billed as BC Kush, this 75/25 Indica hybrid passes Over the Moon owner Damien DiStefano’s strenuous nose test, but is it kushy enough to make the cut?

The result of this BC Kush’s test also raises an interesting question for Damien’s team: Do old people really want to get mind-numbingly high? Shouldn’t there be also be a market focused on elderly stoners? Thankfully, this discussion quickly inspires a smoking session so revelatory, Damien promptly gives us a face like this:

This is in fact the final episode of Motor City High (for now), but don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Or just get high. Totally up to you.