What do you do when you're Chevy Chase and your legendary frenemy Bill Murray knocks on your door at 3 a.m. and wakes you up looking for "grass" and you don't have any (and you're in Florida). 

You walk over to Rodney Dangerfield's place, of course. 

The clip above is from the new documentary Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead about heyday of the National Lampoon comedy empire. The story, told by Chase, happened when the three men were filming the 1979 classic Caddyshack

So what happens when you show up at Rodney Dangerfield's door looking for weed at 3 a.m.? You get your head slapped.

"He gave us all a bag, a sandwich bag full, of basically just seeds, and sold it i think he sold it to the Murrays," Chase says. 

"What movie is being made today where that happens, where it's Rodney Dangerfield and he's selling you nothing – just a bag of seeds so he can make a couple of hundred bucks. I'm sure we smoked it. I'm sure we smoked seeds."

Ah, the good old days.