Money won’t erase the trauma suffered by his victims, but Jared Fogle has agreed to pay $1 million in restitution to help them heal. Back in August, the former Subway spokesman plead guilty to one count each for traveling to engage in illicit sexual acts with a minor, and distribution and receipt of child pornography for 14 victims.

The Associated Press reports that checks billed for $100,000 were hand-delivered to 10 victims or their parents, with each signing a form to confirm they received the money intended to benefit that specific victim. The remaining four are expected to receive checks for the same amount at a later date.

Just after his guilty plea, Fogle's attorney Jeremy Margolis released a statement saying that "Jared fully recognizes that such monetary contribution will not undo the harm he has caused" but hopes it can help "these individuals as they try to move forward with their lives." The funds will go toward mental health counseling, medical care and other needs the victims might have now or in the future while recovering from the trauma.

Prosecutors will not seek a prison sentence of more than 12½ years and Fogle agreed to request no less than five years. A federal judge will deliver his sentence on November 19.