Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesperson who carried around a giant pair of pants in the name of fast food fitness, has quickly fallen from the somewhat irrelevant position of Chief Sandwich Peddler to confirmed child predator.  Of course, Subway quickly dumped Fogle following this revelation, as did his wife of five years.

As more details trickle forth from the wreckage of Fogle's secret life as a frequenter of child pornography, including the fact that the former director of his anti-obesity charity (and partner in pedophilia) once tried to lure a woman into an act of bestiality, past quotes from Fogle are receiving renewed scrutiny with the benefit of hindsight.

Though plenty of people had a fucking field day with an unearthed Best Week Ever feature on Fogle's college days as a successful porn rental entrepreneur, the latest dig-up (see above) is relatively unbeatable in terms of its disturbingly potent irony. Fogle (awesomely misspelled as "Fogel" in the video) appeared on VH1's admittedly misguided I Love the New Millennium miniseries in 2008, discussing the once-popular To Catch a Predator series with bizarre glee. A Reddit user sparked the clip's resurgence on Thursday, featuring Fogle's Predator commentary at or near the 6:10 mark.