Despite stronger roles for women in television, a greater female presence in politics, and a feverish demand for diversity shaking up Hollywood, Saturday Night Live’s Sasheer Zamata is here to remind you that there’s still room for improvement. In a new video for the American Civil Liberties Union, the actress and comedian schools her misguided co-worker on white privilege and reminds him that racism and sexism are still a problem in the country.

The YouTube clip visually explains the vast difference in quality of life for those with privilege and those without: “Sean” blissfully strolls along, oblivious to Zamata’s negative experiences like catcalling and police brutality. When he declares himself a feminist, he is celebrated; when Zamata does it, she is insulted.

But, as Zamata points out, there’s no need to feel guilty about having white privilege. “You just need to realize that you have privilege because of your race and your class and your gender and a bunch of other factors that you can’t control, but that’s O.K. What you can control is how you use that privilege.”

As Uncle Ben once said, with great power comes great responsibility.