El Chapo, famous drug lord and guy who is most likely a bigger sneakerhead than you, is still very much a free man after successfully escaping from a maximum security facility in July. However, the pilot reportedly tasked with flying El Chapo to freedom upon his exit from a customized mile-long tunnel has now been arrested. Arely Gomez, Mexico's attorney general, confirmed the capture of the unidentified pilot to reporters on Thursday, marking the 24th arrest stemming from El Chapo's bizarrely cinematic escape plan.

Authorities have also conducted 40 inspections, crafted 522 documents, and accumulated 191 pieces of evidence from the tunnel, according to CNN. Though multiple sightings of El Chapo have been reported since his most recent escape, authorities have refused to say whether their investigation has brought them any closer to tracking down the elusive kingpin.

Though Gomez did confirm the pilot's capture during a Mexican Senate hearing, she did not provide any further details regarding the pilot's name or the nature of the arrest. For what it's worth, two of the guards at the maximum security facility in question were recently discovered to have been enjoying some particularly heated games of solitaire while El Chapo loudly escaped just feet away, meaning the real culprit here is actually just a shitty computer game.