As if El Chapo Guzmán's whole live-life-like-it's-a-critically-acclaimed-AMC-series thing wasn't already going so well, a Mexican newspaper is now reporting that two of the guards tasked with watching El Chapo lied to investigators in their original account of the escape. The guards, Carlos Sanches Garcia and Jose Daniel Aureoles Tabares, initially claimed that their computer monitors froze just four minutes before El Chapo swiftly exited the prison. However, according to NBC News, a judge's assessment of the security footage posits that the screens never froze but were instead turned off before, during, or shortly after a round of solitaire:

The two [guards] were playing solitaire on their computers amid sounds of hammering and voices coming from the drug kingpin's cell, the newspaper added.

This latest revelation also includes a detailed account of various additional "missteps and delays" from prison officials, ultimately leading to El Chapo's successful escape:

  • At 9:15 p.m. — by which time it is thought that Guzman had already fled through the tunnel atop a motorcycle attached to tracks in the tunnel leading to a farm building outside the high-security prison,— officials were sent to the kingpin's empty cell.
  • The "red alert" — which locks down the prison, alerts a nearby military garrison of the escape and triggers the closure of nearby Toluca Airport — was only activated at midnight.

To quickly recap El Chapo's increasingly cinematic existence, this is a guy who escaped prison on two separate but equally well-publicized occasions before indirectly (?) threatening one Donald Trump as the consistently flabbergasting details surrounding his most recent prison break continue to pile up.