Satan works in mysterious ways, and one of those ways might be haunted houses. In fact, a man is suing Dead of Night, a notorious Long Island horror attraction, because he claims that over the course of his visit he signed his soul over to Satan—and he wants it back. The alleged soul-reaping occurred about a year ago, and the lawsuit almost shut down Dead of Night this year, Uproxx reports

Apparently the plaintiff called Dead of Night's owner multiple times, saying he, "genuinely believes that he offered up his soul to the Devil." The devil in question took the form of horror actor Lou Cifer, who asked participants to sign a fake contract offering up their souls. The man signed, along with his two children, and claims to have been effected ever since.

"I never thought in a million years that someone would take that to a level of seriousness, but he couldn’t help how he felt I guess," a Dead of Night writer told iHorror. "I assured him more than once that it was just a show—an adult show with a lot of subtext—but I couldn’t change his mind." To get the guy to drop the suit, Dead of Night's insurance company had to provide him with a document expressly stating that the contract wasn't intended to steal or sell a human soul. In short, don't sign anything you haven't read, especially when a guy with cloven hooves is handing you the pen.