Gaspar Noé is a French director with a reputation. In 2002 he made Irreversible, a movie that featured one of the most gruesome depictions of rape ever. Seven years later he made Enter the Void, a wandering, almost nauseatingly trippy movie shot entirely from the perspective of someone who's been killed while high on DMT. Noé's movies are extreme though not particularly great, movies that demand to be seen not because Noé has necessarily pulled something off, but because he dared to try to pull it off in the first place. So when news of his next movie, Love—a film full of graphic sex scenes exploring sexuality and relationships, shot entirely in 3D—hit, anticipation was obviously high.

A few weeks ago a group of several Complex staff members (and one of our buddies from Collider) actually got to see Love (which hits theaters today). We strapped on 3D glasses and settled in, unsure of what to expect beyond what the illicit movie posters had hinted at (and the whispers that yes, there would be a scene involving semen that fully utilized 3D's capabilities, if you catch my drift). In hindsight we probably all sat too close to each other. Below is a summary of that experience—what we thought about the movie and how it made us feel. Frazier Tharpe, we're sorry we dragged you along and made you grow up so fast.