When I heard that there was going to be an Office-style mockumentary show with The Muppets, I got super excited. I remember when Kermit and the squad took over Manhattan (I wore out my copy of that flick on VHS while eating peanut butter crackers), and probably watched every episode of the squad in baby form. As one of my favorite additions to the fall TV schedule, I wanted to take a different look at what The Muppets were offering.

It’s time to rank the fuck out of these puppets.

Therein lies the problem, though: there are a shitload of Muppets that help make Up Late With Miss Piggy a thing. I mean, those little rats that Gonzo hangs out with are cool, but it’s rare that one of them will actually impact a story, right? Why not just highlight the Muppets who are actually doing the damn thing in tonight’s premiere, and ranking them properly from worst to best… makes sense, right?