Deputies in Hernando County, Florida showed up to arrest a woman for violating probation and ended up nearly getting stabbed in the head in a Satanic hell-house filled with booby traps and knives, authorities say. 

According to the Tampa Tribune, Nickole Dykema, 43, shouted profanity through a broken window and refused to come out when deputies arrived at her home around 10 p.m. on Sept. 15.

When backup arrived, deputies entered the home, which turned out to look like something out of a horror movie complete with an "altar" covered in pentagrams and several rooms filled with around 500 knives each, authorities said. 

Dykema allegedly ran at a deputy with a "large sword or machete" and tried to stab him, missing his face and head by inches. She retreated further into the hell house and was eventually found hiding behind a blanket waving a sword, authorities said. 

After several attempts to subdue Dykstra by firing non-lethal bean bags at her had "no effect," she was eventually taken down with a Tazer and arrested, but it wasn't over yet.

From a sheriff's department's news release:

"A total of 3,714 bladed weapons were removed from the residence."

"It is believed that Dykema 'booby trapped' many of the bladed weapons, blankets, floors inside, and even the yard outside the residence, causing injury to our personnel when dismantling and/or removing these items."

The local sheriff said that it appeared that the woman was "at least mimicking stanic worship," but that any bones found at the scene were probably either Halloween decorations or chicken bones. 

Shocker: Her neighbors weren't too thrilled with her.

"My family has been through hell for two years with this woman," her neighbor told WTSP, which released video that allegedly shows Dykema stabbing their house with a knife. 

Dykema was charged with violating probation, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, property damage and criminal mischief.