Though SWISH may still be years away, the arrival of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's second child is swiftly approaching. Immediately following Kim's announcement of the pregnancy earlier this year on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, speculative journalists tripped over themselves in a race to accurately predict the sex of the new Baby Yeezus. All false predictions aside, Kim and Kanye are now expecting a boy to arrive on December 25 of this year, a.k.a. the makeshift birthday (for some people, anyway) of one Jesus Christ.

Predictably unnamed sources who are supposedly "close to the couple" claim that doctors have now "back timed the date of conception" and have told the Kardashian-Wests that their second child will be born on the day known to many as Christmas Day. According to acclaimed scientific journal TMZ, doctors are planning a natural birth for December 25, though a c-section procedure may end up being necessary for "safety reasons."

Let's avoid delving too far into the fact that Mr. Christ may or may not have actually been born on December 25, choosing instead to crank one of the greatest Kanye tracks of all time in celebration of the news: