When Kim Kardashian WestKhloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner each released personalized app experiences on Monday, the underground collective of relentless struggle tweeters quickly maligned the App Store takeover as some sort of half-baked publicity scheme. Of course, the struggle tweeters (as always) were wrong: all four apps have been an astronomical success, with King Kylie currently flexing some undeniable genius muscle at the top of the Kardashian empire.

On their first day of availability, these decidedly sleek apps were reportedly downloaded nearly 900,000 times. According to the esteemed literary journal Daily Mail, that figure places the collective annual haul at a god-level $32 million. Though no one believed me when I dubbed Kylie Jenner the President of the Internet earlier this week, TMZ is now backing up that designation with reports that she pulled a staggering 74 percent of first day sales.

The Daily Mail's thoroughly journalistic breakdown also reports that the apps have now likely been downloaded "more than a billion times," meaning you can no longer lie about the four Kardashian-Jenner apps currently inhabiting your iPhone. Also, why would you? The apps, though quite varied according to which Kardashian-Jenner most clearly aligns with your personal ethos, are definitely worth the phone space.