"We're gonna be on the fuckin' news," says Boston sea monstah discoverer Michael Bergin in the now historic Facebook video above. Simply out for a friendly spin on his buddy's boat, Bergin and company stumble upon a mysterious sea creature before immediately launching into a beautifully provocative string of profanity and unfiltered excitement.

The most rewarding aspect of repeatedly watching Bergin's footage is that the crew's enthusiasm comes in waves, often briefly subsiding for a few seconds before re-erupting into a volcano of expertly delivered fucks and shits and bros, et al. Of course, the video also highlights the difficulty of actually emulating his distinctly unparalleled Boston accent.

Sadly, the sea monstah turned out to be a mere sunfish, though that didn't deter Bergin from becoming an immediate viral sensation. "It was a sunfish," Bergin told Star94 during a recent interview. "Go figure, right? 800-pound sunfish. We couldn't even get that [fish] inside the boat!"

As the internet moves faster than we sometimes want it to, the New England Aquarium has quickly capitalized on Bergin's genius via the following: