In the dog-eat-dog world of college football, you got to do whatever the hell you can possibly do to stand out. Top recruits get hundreds of letters over the course of their varsity careers, to make an impression you got to be to the point (plus it doesn't hurt to try and relate to some teens, years after you yourself were one).

Enter Boston College, a program that has been largely mediocre since the Matt Ryan era ended. They're thinking outside of the box to establish themselves again, doing whatever they can to get their feet in the doors of recruits. For example, above is a tweet from three-star wide receiver Seth Dawkins. Dawkins already has offers from Louisville and Tennessee, and has garnered interest from Michigan State, Ohio State, Oregon and Wisconsin. Those are all big boys on the national stage, so BC rightfully knows they got to mix (sh)it up to compete.

While it'll be unclear until Signing Day if invoking Drake will woo prospects to their program, we dig the effort from coach Steve Addazio and his crew. The very fact we're writing about it shows it was a good move. After all, I don't even need to bother with the 'search' function to know we've never uttered a word about BC recruiting before.

[via Twitter/Rivals]

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