Oooh, hey, what is that flying thing? Is that a drone? Oh cool, a drone. Hey, it's getting kinda close, isn't it?


Yes, that could be something you'll hear in America now that drones armed with Tasers are legal in North Dakota. 

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of in 2015, thanks to a new bill pushed through the North Dakota legislature by a law enforcement industry lobbyist there, The Daily Beast reports. It's now the first state to officially allow such a thing. 

The bill actually states that police can use drones armed with any type of non-lethal weapons, so it's not just Tasers, but also pepper spray, rubber bullets, etc. 

Those who defend the bill are reportedly saying the usual stuff that gets said when those in positions of authority are granted new and unnecessary power: don't do anything wrong, and you won't have to worry about a drone bouncing a rubber bullet off your skull - things like that. 

But in an age when police are becoming militarized to an alarming level, and officers are being asked to engage more with the communities they're policing, isn't sending in a faceless, flying robot to take care of business a huge step backwards?