The first person you can guarantee took swift and full advantage of Twitter's new 10,000-character limit for direct messages was Donald "Troll Me Harder (Still)" Trump. Just imagine, if you have absolutely nothing better to do, how much he could (but probably never should) say to current receiver of Trump's bizarrely golf-centered vitriol Rand Paul in 10,000 characters. If his standard, still-bound-by-140-characters tweets are any indication, Trump is more than capable of voicing his innermost ridiculousness, even with both feet shoved firmly in his mouth.

In addition to his real-life offenses, including his downright sexist barrage of criticism hurled at Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly, Trump's recent smattering of hilariously awful tweets prove that perhaps no one else on Twitter knows how to give voice to the exact opposite of intellect quite like possible Deez Nuts running mate Donald Trump:

However, in a recent interview with noted scholar of fear mongering Sean Hannity, Trump made a startling half-promise regarding his Twitter habits. Trump tells Hannity that, should he become president, he aims to tweet "probably a little bit less." However, Trump is quick to defend his Twitter account as the perfect platform for his off-the-cuff statements of emptiness. "For years, if somebody did bad stuff to me, I couldn't fight back," Trump reveals while staying in character as himself, "[but] now I have @realDonaldTrump and I can sort of tweet some bad stuff about them."

Meanwhile, NBC's Celebrity Apprentice officially fired Donald Trump on Thursday, so good things do come to those who wait. Except you, Donald. Don't bother waiting.