Police in Alabama arrested a man this week after he allegedly showing his dick to a woman in an attempt to persuade her into dropping the assault charges she filed against him. 

AL.com reports that Wiley Lee Sanders, 32, was arrested once again in Tuscaloosa, Ala. on Wednesday. According to authorities, Sanders ventured to the home of the woman on May 10, then made his plea: 

He offered to have sex with her once and left when she turned him down, but returned hours later, according to the documents. The second time the woman opened the door, Sanders dropped his pants and showed her his penis, then asked to either come inside or to take her back to his apartment.

The woman refused, went inside and closed the door, according to the deposition.

Sanders was previously been arrested last month on third-degree assault charges, and this new indecent exposure charge won't help his case at all. Some people really need guidance.

[via AL.com]