Talk of Spokane, Washington's NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal has absolutely dominated the national conversation this week, for reasons of which you are most certainly aware. Of course, such a story is not without its related internet dig-ups — and Dolezal's ongoing news dominance is certainly no exception.

From December 2012 to February 2013, Dolezal was briefly engaged before apparently calling off the union with some level of abruptness. However, during their relationship, Dolezal's now ex-fiancé wrote and recorded a fair amount of love songs for Dolezal — including "For the Rest of My Life" (above) and "Dreamgirl" (below).

Though the tracks seem quite personal in nature and lack any sort of artistic value other than a creative lover-to-lover expression of appreciation, Dolezal's ex-fiancé originally shared the videos via Facebook and has — in the wake of Dolezal's ongoing controversy — made no attempts at pulling the videos from public consumption and surefire virality.

A local NAACP meeting centered on the Dolezal controversy was originally scheduled for Monday, but was reportedly canceled — though recent reports indicate the announced postponement might not be a unanimous (or even "legal") decision.