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Though his 2011 decision to take the Larry David route (HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm) of distancing himself from a pop culture institution by ironically embracing it (Showtime/BBC Two's Episodes) has reaped undeniable rewards (a Golden Globe in 2012), we can't blame Matt LeBlanc for warming up to some irony-free nostalgia on a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show.

With the recent arrival of Friends on Netflix, we've all spent many consecutive hours reminding ourselves that the NBC classic certainly had some remarkably funny moments — many of them involving Matt LeBlanc's career-defining turn as Joey Tribbiani. Though not quite as timeless in its writing and general execution as that other NBC classic that recently landed a $180 million Hulu deal, Friends made us feel more than comfortable in its universe — a universe LeBlanc briefly visited in a fit of coerced nostalgia with Graham Norton (see above).