Though the details on her exit are just murky enough to inspire copious amounts of tireless speculation, Jada Pinkett Smith recently revealed that her stellar turn as the charismatic Fish Mooney on Fox's Gotham would not continue beyond the current season. In the same breath, Smith promised that "a lot of good stuff" was coming — and this new trailer for the final two episodes of the season (I suppose that's a thing now?) certainly seems to validate Smith's calmly delivered hype.

According to THR, Fox released the trailer with a "statement" that's essentially just a carefully crafted, speculation-promoting one-liner — "Who won't make it out alive?" If trailers are to be trusted (they're not), then we might just see the realization of Ozwald's prediction of a full-on war from the series pilot.

But what did Pete Campbell ever do with that rifle?

Sorry. Wrong show.