It’s hard to write a prequel. From the get-go, the show is loaded down with unrealistic expectations, and your audience already knows its ending. That’s the main challenge that Gotham faces every week. The new drama on FOX depicts a pre-Batman Gotham City: It tells the story of a young James Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) and an even younger Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), while also tracking the origins of Batman’s most famous villains. Gotham has set some lofty goals for itself, and for the most part, it’s achieved them admirably. Essentially, the show is a weird mixture of both Tim Burton’s and Christopher Nolan’s sensibilities: pulpy yet gritty, schlocky yet serious.

Gotham is clearly for the casuals. But still, the writers scattered several Easter eggs for the more devoted fans to find. Here are 11 that you might have missed—​a blend of obvious references, obscure winks, and foreshadowings of future plots.