By now, you’ve probably already binge-watched all of Netflix’s new series Daredevil, or at least had it spoilt for you by people who already have on Twitter. But if you’ve managed to avoid it all so far, the show is about blind lawyer who lost his sight in a road accident—but also gained superpowers that heightened all his other senses, allowing him to dress up in a costume and fight crime and stuff.

It’s pretty good that they have a series that shows that people with disabilities can still be heroes. But blind people can’t exactly, well, watch the show, can they? So Netflix have now announced that there will be an audio description available for blind and partially sighted people on some of their shows. Daredevil will be the first to have it, with it also coming soon to their other shows like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

The audio track essentially narrates what is going on on-screen alongside the dialogue and music.  Audio descriptions are becoming increasingly common in Hollywood films, with many cinemas providing them on headphones for big films so that blind people can enjoy films along with their families, and they are also often available on DVDs. 

[via Film Divider]