Wonder Woman and director Michelle MacLaren parted ways last week after Warner Bros. announced the two had had “creative differences.” MacLaren has since been replaced by Patty Jenkins, and now we’re learning what caused the split. Inside sources told Variety that MacLaren’s vision for the film was the polar opposite of what the studio had in mind, given she wanted an action driven film like Braveheart, while Warner Bros. wanted a quiet character story. How exactly they expect that to compete with Marvel is beyond us, but we digress.

Warner Bros. also reportedly didn't think MacLaren could duplicate her small screen award-winning success with shows like including Breaking BadGame of Thrones, and The Walking Dead, on the big screen. They felt she couldn't handle large-scale action, which begs the question: Why hire her in the first place? (Even though it's total BS that she wouldn't have been able to handle it.)

Imagine what MacLaren could've done with a huge budget given what she's already done? 


[via Variety]