The Full House reboot of your dreams may not be a reality just yet. Netflix may have ordered 13 new episodes of the new series, called Fuller House, but Lori Loughlin (who played Rebecca Katsopolis on the show) says she hasn't signed a deal to appear in the series, and neither have some of the other main cast members.

"They made deal with Candace [Cameron Bure], Jodi [Sweetin] and Andrea [Barber]. I believe they just closed [John Stamos'] deal," she said on Access Hollywood today. "I don't have a deal. Dave [Coulier] doesn't have a deal, Bob [Saget]—we're all in negotiations."

So while Stamos will be back playing the part of Uncle Jesse, we don't know if his on-air wife Rebecca or trusty brother-in-law Danny Tanner will be in the new series with him.

"We want to be there," said Loughlin, "We want to come back. It's up to them. It's not on us. It's now on them."

Presumably, she means that it's up to the producers to give her and Courier and Saget more money to come back, but it's not totally clear. Loughlin noted though, that the Olsen twins might not come back at all.

"It doesn't matter how much money they get paid, they don't care," she said. Which is probably true.