Leonardo DiCaprio loves models, but the natural habitats of such models are fashion shows, Hollywood after-parties, yachts exhausting places like that. Sometimes even a super-famous dude probably just wants to sit on his couch, or possibly toilet, and see what kind of women are out there, right?

According to what a source (read: some dude at Coachella) told Star magazine (via Celebitchy, because Star didn't put the story online), DiCaprio has been testing the waters with Tinder under a very not-creative alias. 

“Leo confessed that he was using the dating app under the name Leonard,” revealed the shocked source. Leo, who has a penchant for lithe blonde swimsuit models, isn’t above meeting a few local ladies as well.

“He said he hasn’t been on any dates yet – but is obsessed with swiping on girls and seeing who’s out there,” adds the source. “He said there’s actually a lot of other celebs who use Tinder just for fun!”

He might have better luck with the Victoria's Secret catalog, though. 



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