A game of rock, paper, scissors was the deciding factor between a girl's death-by-grounding and eternal freedom... until her parents see this Vine of course. Drunk college students gathered at Chilifest, a Texas country music festival, over the weekend near Texas A&M University in College Station, where according to a Reddit post, police are especially notorious for giving tickets to minors at the festival. That hardly detracts from underage drinking though, because Teens™. 

The vine has since been deleted but you can see what happens on the gif below:

One such drunk minor, seen in the Vine below, caught a lucky break when cops caught her but then put her underage drinking charge on the line in a game of rock, paper, scissors: Win and they walk away, lose and she's going down. This is actually kind of fun; the policemen probably got tired of issuing tickets and wanted to make their jobs a little more interesting. And they definitely made this girl's day by blowing the face-off—if you look closely, you can almost see the tears of joy when she beats the cops and they leave her to continue partying.

Here are some of the best comments from the Reddit thread about this:

Fracter: I'm sorry but thats fucking hilarious, I like these guys.

scooch_mgooch: I bet for her that rock paper scissors felt like Russian roulette

neenerpants: I love that it takes her, like 5 seconds to realise she's won

crazymuffin147: This is typical for us white people. I won a game of blackjack with the DA to get off my racketeering charges.

But, according to this reddit user, cops playing games to decide people's fate isn't a new thing:

"I have a friend who is a cop that sometimes does something similar. If he's already decided he's gonna let a person off with a warning, he'll tell them he's going to flip a coin on whether he's going to give them a ticket or not. He always tells them they won, just so that person can tell his or her friends the story and never be believed."

Even so, it's still amazing. (Let's just hope this girl didn't go on to down 20 more shots and die. *embeds Debbie Downer GIF*)

[via Bar Stool Sports]