AMC has announced the newest cast member for their upcoming show Preacher, based on the comic book by the same name. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will produce, Dominic Cooper will likely star as the main character, and Elizabeth Perkins will join the cast as well. But AMC's announcement reveals some telling details about how they're sticking to the plot, and deviating away from it. (Hardcore fans, tread lightly.)

In a post on TrackingBoard, AMC announced that Perkins would play a role that didexist in the comic book:

Perkins is set to play Vyla Quinncannon, an ambitious and terrifying businesswoman that owns the local slaughterhouse. The character has a mysterious past involving Jesse’s father. 

The comic book actually features an Odin Quincannon, who kinda sucked — he was a racist and pervert and hired convicts to work on his slaughterhouse. Jesse's past also comes up in the comic book, but a little differently. So maybe, this change from the original story arc won't be so bad — Vyla sounds kind of badass. Plus, Perkins, known for her role as Celia on Weeds, sounds like a great fit for the role.

And with Rogen and Goldberg as executive producers, the show is bound to be pretty funny.