Though I ultimately had to retract my claim that Kylie Jenner might possibly (given the right circumstances) release one of the best songs of the year, I still stand behind my assessment of celebrity crossover culture as a fascinating study in the benefits of a multihyphenate existence. In the spirit of transparency, I would also like to add that I thought the Scarlett Johansson album of Tom Waits covers was perfectly pleasant. Here to hopefully prove me right once again is David Duchovny, my favorite monotone force of nature and understandably excited participant in the forthcoming TV return of his original calling card — The X-Files.

Duchovny will release his debut album Hell or Highwater in May via ThinkSay Records. In a press release, Duchovny described the album as "a dream come true, though I never had this dream." If Duchovny's deviously enjoyable performance in Showtime's Californication taught us anything, it's that Duchovny very much has an inner rock star almost overflowing with a signature brand of calm charisma.

With Jenner out of the way, can David have his second crossover moment? I say yes.

The year of Duchovny is upon us.