Grab your phone, and have a look at your frequently used emojis. What do you see? Prayer hands? Fire? An octopus, for some reason? If you’re Canadian, there’s probably a poop emoji in there somewhere. Apparently Canucks love talkin’ shit. 💩​

According to a report compiled by SwiftKey, a company that creates mobile keyboard apps, Canadians use the smiling poop emoji more than any other nation. SwiftKey picked apart its own cloud data in order to determine geographic and language trends in emoji usage. Analyzing more than a billion pieces of data across 16 different languages and regions, the report draws some interesting conclusions (about poop and otherwise) on how climate, religion, culture, and language can impact emoji usage.

via SwiftKey

You can check out the full analysis here. In the meantime, check out some more Canadian emoji revelations from the report: