MTV is bringing back its stop-motion grudge battle series, Celebrity Deathmatch, which was once a late-night staple on its network in the early- to mid-2000s. This was back when boy bands and American Idol dominated television, and smartphones were still just an idea in Steve Jobs' head. Oh, and this is when MTV was still about music.

Celebrity Deathmatch will be making its comeback on MTV2, the same channel that hosted its short-lived reboot in 2006 (MTV hasn't named a launch date for the new series yet). So, why bring it back now? Well, the world is still a horrible place, and celebrities are still beefing with each other, but they've moved from spreading gossip through interviews, songs, and videos, to going after each other through subtweets and hashtags.

Celebrity culture is a hot topic—just ask those girls trying to get lips like Kylie Jenner—and Deathmatch might be enough to satisfy our desires to see shits like Bieber get what's coming to him, because god knows that Comedy Central Roast can only do so much. The show wasn't just about traditional Hollywood celebs, either. It also took on the political world in one memorable (and cringe-worthy) bout between Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton. Imagine pitting Kim Jong-Un against President Obama—even if it means a TV studio might get hacked.

Throughout its 93-episode run, Deathmatch featured classic fights that pitted celebrities against each other, whether it was because they had a similar sounding name (Mariah Carey and Jim Carrey), or if they happened to share the same line of work (Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone). Here are the best decapitation-filled matches in Deathmatch history.