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It turns out that when Charlie Sheen isn't being a Brian Williams apologist, hating on Kim Kardashian's ass or being a restaurant tip vigilante, he's busy being exactly the king of coworker you'd expect him to be

Jon Cryer, former star of Two and a Half Men (which was recently given a sweet, merciful death), has written a memoir in which he writes about his old co-star asking him to hide a giant box of porn, sending him funny texts after getting out of jail and ruining his relationship by having dated the woman earlier. 

But here's  our favorite Sheen anecdote excerpted in The Hollywood Reporter

When Charlie's marriage to Denise ended during the second season, both Charlie and I became single at the same time. Which was … interesting.


We'd have conversations, and he'd mention that things were going well for him romantically. "Romantically" is my choice of words, not his.

Then, as if to prove this, he'd show me a picture he'd taken of somebody's vagina. It was always a perfectly nice-looking vagina, but I would invariably think, "Why just this, and not the rest of the person?"