Earlier this week, a guy named Tommy Up—the owner of a Philadelphia burger joint called PYT—claimed that Eagles running back LeSean McCoy visited his establishment recently and only tipped his waiter 20 cents. He posted a copy of McCoy's receipt to PYT's Facebook page and everything.

During a subsequent interview about the gratuity, McCoy refused to go into great detail about the .03 percent tip that he left. But he did indicate that he left such a small tip because of the poor service that he received from his waiter that day. The story about it ended up going viral, though, and it made McCoy look bad.

It may have also just earned the waiter a huge payday. A couple hours ago, Charlie Sheen took to his Twitter account and offered to "pledge" $1000 to McCoy's waiter "Rob K." He didn't offer up much of an explanation as to why he was doing it, other than to say that he just wanted to help. But it's pretty clear that he's going to make the most of McCoy's misstep by gaining some publicity from it in exchange for $1000. Here's the tweet he sent out:

We're kind of over this whole story at this point. We get it: Not all millionaire athletes tip well.

But isn't $1000 a lot to give to a waiter who received a lousy tip? He's definitely not the first waiter or waitress who has gotten stiffed by a customer. And at the very least, he got a cool story out of the whole ordeal. So does he really deserve to get a grand from Charlie Sheen, too?

[via TMZ Sports]