It used to be our duty as Americans to tune into Shark Week each summer. Viewing the epic attacks, hearing the survivor stories, and just getting a glimpse of the beautiful yet nightmarish oceanic world that lurks beneath the surface became the ultimate television experience. That was until the gloriously trashy camp known as Sharkando become an inexplicable cultural phenomenon and took its crown.

Thanks to Twitter and its penchant for ironically adoring awful things, Sharknado has evolved from SyFy tax write-off to the channel's tentpole property and cash cow. The third installment of the franchise reunites Tara Reid and Ian Ziering as humanity's protectors against a maelstrom of flying sharks. The setting now expands from Florida to Washington, D.C., so expect doppelgangers of our least favorite politicians being delightfully turned into chum.

The newest addition to this prestigious C-level cast is WWE superstar Chris Jericho. He sure is giving The Miz a run for his money for most awesomely shitty movies made. I can only pray he hits a flying shark with "The Walls of Jericho" before he is inevitably devoured.