Video from a security camera at a Baltimore middle school shows a police officer repeatedly hitting a female student with a baton after the girl pushed the officer in a hallway. 

According to local news station WBAL, the incident began when a student named Starr began arguing with the officer, leading to the officer pushing Starr against a wall. At this point, Starr's sister appears to become involved in the argument, and a few moments later the girl's cousin, Diamond, comes into the frame and appears to shove the officer. 

The officer lets go of Starr and chases Diamond, striking her several times with the baton, and sending the 13-year-old girl to the hospital where she received 10 stitches, her family told reporters. Starr and her sister were also pepper sprayed by the same officer. 

The girls were arrested on charges of assaulting the officer after the school said they had kicked, scratched and punched the officer in her face and chest, but those charges that were promptly dropped when prosecutors saw the actual video. 


[Via Gawker]