What's the worst thing you've ever done to a teacher?

Call in a bomb threat? Maybe hack the junior high servers? Well, three fourth graders in Upstate New York plotted to kill their teacher this past December with...wait for it, hand sanitizer.  The reason behind the alleged attempted murder? The teacher was mean. Purell is normally reserved for desperate alcoholics and the compulsively obsessed, but for these students of Elba, New York the sanitizer was going to serve as an arsenic stand in. Three students told their fellow classmates that they were going to kill their teacher right before winter break “by putting antibacterial products around the classroom.” Seems tame enough...except that it was discovered that the Elba Elementary School teacher is deathly allergic to hand sanitizer, having previously banned it from the classroom. The NY Daily News is reporting that both the names of the students and the teacher are being withheld from being released publicly, but police are still treating the threats 'very seriously'.

[via NY Daily News]