We must be getting older. You know when maybe you're screwing around on Facebook or something and you start to see shit pop up from kids that are still in high school and it makes you really, really mad? Stupid pictures or dumb-ass statuses that make you lament the younger generation? Well, you aren't exactly a crotchety senior without good reason.

Teens in California have been hospitalized after making booze out of hand sanitizer and drinking it. We had kids in high school that just drank hand sanitizer straight up—what happened to the good old days?

"Perhaps if chemistry class taught us something useful, we wouldn't rely on Breaking Bad as inspiration, and the dark nether regions of the Internet for instructions on doing stupid shit," no teenagers were quoted as saying because they were getting their stomachs pumped and couldn't open their mouths. We are the world, children are our future, et cetera, et cetera.

[via Jezebel]