It’s kind of amazing how fast Chris Christie has gone from “possible presidential candidate” to “guy getting made fun of at the Wing Bowl.”

You see, people in Philadelphia do not care for New Jersey’s girthy governor these days. Many South Jersey residents also happen to be Philadelphia Eagles fans, and they take serious exception to the fact that their leader was openly and very publicly rooting for the Dallas Cowboys all season and also taking shots at Eagles fans in the media.

So now you might understand why this little bit of schadenfreude made its way into the proceedings at the annual wing–crushing extravaganza. Local sports radio station 94WIP has apparently been sitting on the footage since June, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash the clip in front of the world. They chose to show it right after Christie was briefly shown on the Jumbotron, and it’s safe to say they totally nailed it.

[via Buzzfeed]