Even though Chris Christie is the governor of New Jersey—a state that's filled with fans of the Eagles, Giants, and Jets—he's a big fan of the Cowboys. And in recent weeks, he hasn't tried to hide it at all. Last month, he was spotted cheering for Tony Romo & Co. alongside Dallas owner Jerry Jones during a game in Philadelphia. And as you can see in the clip above, Christie was ecstatic after the Cowboys knocked off the Lions in the NFC Playoffs last night.

That video didn't sit well with a lot of people from New Jersey, though. So after seeing Christie whooping it up with Jones on Sunday night, a lot of them took to Twitter to rip Christie for showing up to the game and cheering for the Cowboys:

It got so bad at one point that the governor's brother Todd Christie jumped on Facebook to address the situation. He called out all the Twitter trolls who were clowning Christie and told them to STFU after seeing more than a few people joking about Christie's weight:

Christie himself doesn't seem to care what people have to say about his favorite sports teams. After he got ripped last month for cheering for the Cowboys during a game against the Eagles, he said that he's not going to change his sports allegiances for anyone.

"I'm an enthusiastic Dallas Cowboys fan," he said. "I've never made a secret of it from the time I entered public life."

We respect him for sticking to his guns and not backing down from opposing fans. But can you imagine how upset everyone is going to get if Christie shows up for a Cowboys' Super Bowl game? Welp. We can already imagine all of the memes.

[via @120Sports]

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