Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is on his way to the Land Down Under.

Woz (who recently praised Apple CEO Tim Cook for going against Steve Jobs' wishes and releasing a 5.5-inch iPhone) was granted permanent residency status in Australia this weekend after filing the necessary paperwork, passing medical tests, and going through FBI checks. It's an expensive process, but getting residency in another place isn't hard for most famous people since countries usually want them. Woz isn't stopping there—he wants full Australian citizenship.

He teaches classes at the University of Technology, his son married an Australian, and he's already looking to purchase a home in Sydney, Australia's most populous city. "I want to be a distinguished part of this country and some day I may say I lived and died an Australian, and that would be a really nice thing to be able to say," Woz told Australian Financial Review. "No country is perfect, but I like a lot of things about this place." No word if casting Josh Gad and Seth Rogen to play him is what made Woz want to leave America for good. (It didn't, but it didn't help either. Zach Galifianakis as Woz all the way IMO.)

While Kanye and Kim might be missing out on more presents from the Apple co-founder, there's still a silver-lining. Having Woz in Australia means he'll be flying if he ever wants to visit the ol' Red, White and Blue. The more times Woz is in an airport, there's potential we'll get another one of these legendary moments: