When Steve Wozniak tweeted this on June 15th: "So happy for Kim and Kanye and true love," many thought the very much reserved Wozniak was being playful for once. But, bizarrely, it may have actually been more sincere than anyone could have expected.

Kanye West just tweeted a picture of two iMac mice that look to be signed by both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak—which has to be any Apple fanboy's ultimate collector's items. Supposedly Kanye's not-yet-wifey but brand-new-baby's-mama, Kim Kardashian, was able to secure the gift for Yeezy. We're suspecting that she was able to get the mice when Woz himself visited North West after her birth, which he described on CNN: "I have seen a lot of babies," Woz said. "And a baby represents the love between the people and that meant more to me and the love that Kim was showing to Kanye. Just because he was interested in technology and companies, she, as a birthday present, she had me come up there to meet him."

So, if you weren't jealous of Kanye before: jealous now?