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It's been a mixed time for Sony. Last week they were celebrating the Playstation brand's 20th birthday (with possibly the best looking games console we've ever seen) whilst their film division was reeling from a massive hack which definitely wasn't by North Korea. This weekend, the Playstation Network (PSN) suffered huge technical problems after another large-scale hack from an old enemy.

Lizard Squadthe group that brought down PSN in August, grounded a plane carrying Playstation Online Entertainment President John Smedley, and rendered the Vatican website unavailabletook to Twitter to claim responsibility.

This won't be the last we hear from them...

The group have also alluded to an attack on Xbox Live on Christmas day that will take down the service "forever." Though it sounds farfetched, it's safe to say you might have to wait a while to play your new games online. Sad face.