Far be it for anyone to pass judgment on Daniele Watts and boyfriend Brian Lucas’ kissing technique, but if the photos that recently surfaced on TMZ (check them out here) are any indication, then the way they kiss sure looks a whole lot like sex.

After witnesses called to complain about Watts and Lucas’ activity, an LAPD officer arrived on the scene and asked to see IDs for both. Lucas complied but Watts refused and walked away, and soon thereafter initiated a confrontation with an officer that included her accusing him of racial profiling.

It seems, however, that the issue was more one of her exposing herself in broad daylight, in front of a working office. One witness said that Lucas was "horizontally bongoing her boobs back and forth," which is perhaps the most confounding description of second base anyone has ever given. Like, what does that even mean?

As you read the story and peruse the photos on TMZ, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who thought this was a good idea?
  • Why can’t a working actress and a “celebrity chef” afford a bumper for their car?
  • Who is the man in the green shirt walking right by them?
  • Do Watts and Lucas live the most ratchet lifestyle of anybody in Hollywood?
  • Why did Lucas have to throw his tissue on the grass? Does he not know about the anti-litterbug vigilante?

The LA Times has also obtained the full audio of the confrontation between Watts and the LAPD officer. You can hear it here:

[via TMZ]