YouTube might be your main destination for cute cats, but behind all of those millions of videos is a money making machine that only wants to make more money. And now it wants it from indie musicians.

A Google executive announced that as a part of their introduction of a new paid subscription service called YouTube Music Pass (that will let customers stream music videos without ads), they're signing licensing deals with artists. But, for those indie artists that won't sign a deal, YouTube has a simple solution: they're getting blocked. This means that some of your favorite artists could have their videos removed, which include Adele, Jack White, and the Arctic Monkeys. That doesn't mean you won't be able to watch those videos somewhere else, but in the decade that YouTube has been around, it has solidified itself as the go-to place for videos, which may be part of the reason they feel they can pressure artists this way.

Google's head of content Robert Kyncl told the Financial Times that the removals could happen in a matter of days.

[via Financial Times]