Be it money or weed, people are taking to Twitter to hide green rewards across cities and tweet clues about their location. Someone in Vancouver, Canada is all about "spreading that green love," of course referencing the latter.

The mystery donor is using the handle  to share clues about where he's stashed weed throughout the city. 

Clue for prize #4: On the beach downtown, with nothing to read? Try the Metro, and find some weed.

— HiddenWeedYVR (@HiddenWeedYVR) June 9, 2014

Clue for prize #5: Recognize this statue? Lift the pink flower to find some fine cannabis.

— HiddenWeedYVR (@HiddenWeedYVR) June 9, 2014

Clue for prize #5: Enter here, go 111 paces, look between the connors, next to the white house.

— HiddenWeedYVR (@HiddenWeedYVR) June 9, 2014

A clue for early morning guys. Where laughing men stand giant size, purple flowers hide the prize. (No need to trample anything!)

— HiddenWeedYVR (@HiddenWeedYVR) June 11, 2014

Any scavengers hesitant to share discoveries on social media are asked to reach out via email, because discretion is key sometimes. 

If you find a prize but are too shy to tweet about it yourself, then email me at

— HiddenWeedYVR (@HiddenWeedYVR) June 11, 2014

This will continue for as long as it has to:

Until I get bored, get busted, or run out of weed. "@HeidiStebkid: @HiddenWeedYVR how long is this going on??"

— HiddenWeedYVR (@HiddenWeedYVR) June 10, 2014

[via Twitter]

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