Typically when people tell you that you’re addicted to your phone, you kind sort of just brush them off and keep on going. Now, thanks to a newly released app called “Moment,” you will actually be able to tell if they’re right.

Moment is the app we’ve all been dreading but know we need. It tracks how much you use your phone everyday and even puts limits on how much you can use it. When you’re nearing your limits, Moment sends you friendly reminders to help you get out of your digital world and back into the real one.

Moment's creator, Kevin Holesh, thought of the app after he and his fiancée moved in together and realized their relationship essentially consisted of sitting together on their respective phones. Holesh states, “We stopped doing fun and productive things and chose the path of least resistance.”


We stopped doing fun and productive things and chose the path of least resistance.


We’ve all been at those dinner parties where 90% of its attendees are sitting on their phones. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network, we can all agree that technology has taken over a bit more than initially intended.

The app itself is designed to be invisible, meaning it doesn’t need to open once it is installed. Its main purpose is to stay in the background to keep your phone use in check. However, don’t think Holesh created this app in the hopes that you put down your phone all together.

Instead, Moment hopes to be the app that helps you understand your actions and maybe convinces you to live a little instead of staring into the oblivion of your smart phone. Granted there are many necessary tools on your phone such as texts and work emails, but Moment's job will be to show you how much of your life is wasted on the less important elements.

Maybe it will be tough for some people to handle, but it’s something we all need to see.


[via Tech Crunch

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