Angry Birds is returning from a galaxy far, far away and now are hiding in plain sight as Transformers to face off against the evil Deceptihogs. What the hell?

Developer and master marker Rovio isn't one to sit by and allow games, toys, plush animals or just about anything that can be branded not to have Angry Birds all over it. The poplar mobile game is teaming up with Hasbro to launch a series of Transformers based on the less-than-happy birds.

Although details on the game are scant we all know you'll be playing it in the bathroom and buying those damn toys for your little nieces and nephews. One difference in this Angry Birds venture is that the line of toys sold alongside the game will have "Telepods technology" much like Skylanders. Fans will be able to drop their real world toys virtual avatar into the game with special powers and abilities.

No word yet on the when the mobile game drops by it is coming soon. Likely alongside the latest Transformers film, Age of Extinction, which hits theaters on June 27.

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[via PC Mag]


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