The illustrious mansion made famous by Brian de Palma's Scarface is back on the market for $35 million. 

The 10,000-square-foot home, which is actually in Santa Barbara, Calif. instead of Miami, is the work of architect Bertram Goodhue. Resting on 10 acres, it features four bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and each individual room has some distinct detail. Domed ceilings, 24-karat gold leaf trim and, of course, the glorious fountain and pool are just a few of the attributes that set the Roman-style mansion off. 

It previously sold for $6.23 million in 2009, and was renting for an eye-popping $30,000 a month back in 2012. Have a lot of money that you'd like to invest in a piece of pop culture history? The house that Tony Montana made popular is practically calling your name.

[via Today]

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